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Dr.Prathapa Dakshinamurthy Deekshithulu

Born at Kohir (Omkara Nagaram), Medak district in a family of Sanatana Dharmacharins, is proficient in all four Vedas and Six Vedangas.

He is also a “Nitya Agnihotri” and a “Bishak” of the highest order through Nadi.
India has the most ancient, diverse & enriched heritage of the world. Emulating the richness of our Tradition by Treading on the path shown by our sagas and rishis & hence contributing to a vibrant society is the mission of this versatile personality.
Founded “Vamakshi Vidyaniketanam” school to promote Integrated System of Education & also founded “Atri Ayurveda Clinic” to popularise Ayurveda in the contemporary society.

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