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Sri. Aravinda Rao Retd. IPS

Former DGP of the combined Andhra Pradesh State. His incisive thinking and ontological analysis led him to the deep study of traditional scriptures, especially “Vedanta” under eminent scholars which ultimately led to the formation of “Advaita Academy” to spread the science & Spirit of Advaita in a systematised way.

Also conducts classes on Vedanta to on-line reach the global audience. Has also authored two invaluable works on Vedanta.
I. The advert manifestation in the Upanishads in Sanskrit.
II. Bhagavadgita in English.
In Gyana Yogi TV Sri. Aravinda Rao spreads the concept of Science and Hindutva. The program named as Hindutva-Sastreeyatha in Saturday and Sunday at 7.30PM.