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Yogini Sri Chandra Kali Prasada Mathaji

Nearly three and half decades back, a beautiful baby girl was playing in the lap of Sri Babuji as he was discussing some spiritual topic with someone. The baby was also gesticulatin, waving her small hands and mumbling some words. Pressng her chubby cheeks, Sri Babu asked her “What my dear Chandu! Do you also want to give discourse?” “Ha, Babuji!” said the laughing baby. Caressing her on the head, Sri Babu prophesied, “You shall sing the sweet name of the Lord with your soul stirring voice and deliver discourses to dispel the doubts of devotees and direct them towards divinity”.
That little baby was Kumari Chandra Seshamamba, the only child of Smt. Raghavamma and late Sri. Mavuleti Chiranjeevi Raju about whom reference is made earlier. The child herself was a divine gift by Babuji to her parents. She grew up in the lap of Sri Babuji physically and spiritually also. Special training was given to her in Sanskrit and many classics under the guidance of Sri Babu. She accompanied Sri Babu during His visits She was initiated, instructed, inspired and perfected in spiritual education, with the obvious intention of  succeeding
Sri Babu as the head of the Ashram. And, as ordained by Sri Babu, she was proclaimed as “Poojya Sri Yogini Sri Chandra Kali Prasada Mathaji “, the Ashramadhipathi of Sri Kali Gardens Ashram after Sri Babuji’s Maha Samadhi.
So, there we see Sri Babuji in Sri Mathaji. We hear Sri Babuji through her and we get Sri Babuji’s blessings and guidance from her.   The Ashram and all the programmers thereof are performed under her able guidance as successfully and grandly as in Sri Babuji’s times and every one is sure that Sri Mathaji will carry on the torch of spiritual enlightenment to lead us all to the lotus feet of Lord Babu !