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Indian Yoga system is renowned worldwide for its scientific theorisation and spiritual orientation. Yoga – according to our tradition is derived from the root-Yuj denoting the advaitic union of Jiva & Brahman and the whole process is centered around the control & management of Prana Shakthi and hence the series of lectures rendered by the much acclaimed Yoga acharyas Kundalini Yogi Sri Shesha Bhattarji are aptly named as Pranopasana.

The Program methodically leads the Aspirant viewer into the much hallowed science of sanatana yoga vidya., beginning with the basic techniques of breath control to the regulation of Ida & Pingala, the practice of Kumbhak, to the Advanced techniques of Moola yoga mudras & their application in attuning oneself with the Kundalini Chaitanya.

Also, The program presents a unique & Never before ventured science of “Svara Yoga” which is considered Indispensable for the attainment of self knowledge as authenticated by the scripture -Svara Vetti Svayam Vetti.

(Knower of Svara Yoga, attains Self-realisation)

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